How To Remove Deodorant Stains (Top 5 Ways)


White T-Shirt with Yellow Underarm “Pit” Stains

The topic of how to remove deodorant stains from shirts has been discussed in the Forums on many the occasion.

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A simple “Remove Deodorant Stains” search on Google will show other AskAndy Forum threads where the subject matter was discussed.

Removing Underarm Deodorant Stains

Out of all the solutions proposed, there are a small handful of solutions that are the most effective.

  1. Find an Dry Cleaner that takes exceptional care in laundering shirts. Example from Rave Fabric Care
  2. Oxi-Clean — Overnight soak. Or Oxi-Clean combined with Ammonia
  3. Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, Dish Soap – Combine into a paste, apply, scrub. Let stand. Wash & Repeat as necessary
  4. Deo-Go Underarm Stain Remover or Raise Pit Stain Remover – Spray on solutions designed for removing set in underarm stains (yellow, brownish, or build-up). Both available on Amazon or their websites
  5. At Home Underarm Stain Remover – Just ran across this article on where a reader wrote in with his at-home underarm stain remover solution that appeared to work similar to Deo-Go. The article also provides a good overview and distinction between Deodorant Marks and Deodorant/Antiperspirant Stains

Preventing Underarm Deodorant Stains

Ironically, the underarm stains I’m referring to above, aren’t really a result of using Deodorant at all. It’s a result of using sweat-preventing Antiperspirant.

For whatever reason, the market-at-large refers to antiperspirant and deodorant collectively as Deodorant, yet it’s the sweat-blocking chemical in antiperspirant that is essentially causing the staining on your shirts.

The most common ways to prevent getting underarm stains on your shirts or undershirts is:

  1. Rinse Shirts/Undershirt After Wearing – If you rinse the underarm area of your shirts or undershirts with water or a pre-treatment solution before you put them in the hamper, you’ll reduce the chance of long-term staining
  2. Let Antiperspirant Dry – Allowing your antiperspirant to fully dry before putting on your undershirt or shirt will help minimize the amount of antiperspirant chemicals that will transfer to your shirt. If you blow-dry your hair, you might consider using it to quick-dry your underarms
  3. Switch to a 7-Day Antiperspirant – Products such as SweatBlock or Kleinerts Dry Body Wipes allow you to apply the antiperspirant at night, will fully dry overnight, and will not come off with daily showering. After that, you’re set for about a week, and no chemicals will transfer to your clothes as a result.
  4. Switch to Deodorant – Deodorant does not have the sweat-blocking chemical that causes the staining. If you search the forum for deodorant, you’ll find many member recommendations

Whether your issue is removal or prevention, if you follow the guidelines above, you should be able to keep those nasty stains off your fine shirts.

Do you have a solution for preventing or removing underarm stains or build up? If so, jump on over to the Forum and let me know about it!