Men: Here’s What To Wear With Gold Pants & How To Style Them

Gold pants are one of those adventurous style items that, when done right, produce a final look worthy of sartorial applause.

There are any number of of ways to do it, but let’s consider three of the most versatile looks to allow you to put your own signature on them. 

The Dapper Look

how to wear gold mustard pants with monk strap shoes
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When going for a statement piece, it’s wise to make it the anchor of the ensemble. As this shade of gold pants is analogous with fall, keeping colors in the same seasonal family is important.

When it comes to choosing a coordinating top, try for a more muted shade. This puts the focus on your pants – they shine like gold!

Even with a statement piece like this, items should complement. The wider, peaked lapels broaden the chest and draw the eye towards the face. The chocolate monk strap shoes are a welcome companion.

An outfit centered around a well-fitted pair of gold chinos says “this man knows how to put himself together like a gentleman.”

For more information about how to match colors properly, be sure to check out our Men’s Color Coordination article.

Elevated Casual

wearing gold pants with denim shirt, boots, and wool tie

‘Elevated casual’ outfits effortlessly blend formal and informal elements for an in-between dress code. A great way to do this is to play with texture.

Chinos are typically woven cotton in a solid color. This makes them a blank canvas on which to provide plenty of contrast. A wool knit cardigan and a denim shirt offer some, but the more neutral colors again allow the pants to star.

Accessories balance a bold item. A leather cuff and a good pair of boots add texture and contrast, as does a patterned tie.

Simply Casual

man wearing gold pants, henley shirt and camel topcoat

The key to nailing this outfit is to remember neutrals best complement the look. Here, we styled the gold pants by layering henley shirts and a camel topcoat. The undyed boots offer a rugged, casual feel, too.

Another detail to try, especially with boots, is cuff your chinos once or twice. Something loud and vibrant now easily transitions from a grocery run to a casual date.

Lastly, let’s talk a little bit about how we can make a pair of gold chinos elevated, but a little more muted than our dapper style.

Other Ways to Wear Gold Pants

Gold pants work well for most men, but we can take this to the next level.

Consider playing with fit. A more narrow (but not skinny!) leg opening gives a streamlined and flattering look. A straight or relaxed fit gives an air of relaxed nonchalance. Paired with a straw hat and striped shirt-bingo, you’ve got a nautical look.

There are so many different silhouettes of gold trousers on the market, you’re bound to find find something to fit your aesthetic. 

Sound off and let us know what you think about gold pants, and more importantly, how you would style them! Come join us in our online community.