How Women See Colors & How It Works For Men

Colors may not be all that critical for men. Most guys know they look great in navy or gray suits, white or blue shirts, and an appropriate power tie. Maybe that’s why we were smart enough to bless them as the official uniforms of corporate business.

You can check out the charts, but if it says your best color is fuchsia, then I’d consider it for casual social clothes or a tie color choice, but avoid wearing a fuchsia dress shirt to your next job interview.

To every man, there is a season. The only other place I can work is to enlist in the Army, as khaki is a smashing color with my reddish hair and beige skin.

— Erma Bombeck

But to women, color is a whole different planet. Women divide humanity into four groups (by seasons) by looking at their skin, hair and eye color. Then best and worst colors are assigned by these criteria.

Women think like this all the time. Truth is, some of this information is pretty good. Once you learn it, though, it’s your choice to use it or ignore it — and whether to even tell anyone you actually know this stuff.

Women choose car color keeping in mind how it will enhance her hair, eye and skin colors, and it’s not uncommon for a lady to have her home decorated in “her colors” so she projects a fabulous image in every room!

You can even choose your car by your best color!

Since men are not usually into this detail of color, this might be a good cocktail party ploy – asking ladies if they think your eyes are hazel or teal, or if you have auburn or strawberry blond hair, or if they think you are a Winter or Spring! Well, maybe not!

The Best Colors To Wear For Your Hair, Skin, & Eye Color

Describe YourselfThen see what colors are good for you
Skin: Olive, yellow, black, sallow, white, pink


Hair: Dark, black, silver gray, dark brown,ash brown, white

Eyes: Brown, green, dark blue, hazel

Choice A — WINTER
Women would see you as a winter kind of guy.
Your best colors are:(primary colors — Red, Blue, Yellow) Navy, Black, White, Gray, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Purple, lemon Yellow, Burgundy, Mauve, Taupe


Colors to avoid are:
Orange, Brown, Beige, Gold, Rust, Peach

Skin: Beige, ruddy, pink, rosy-brown


Hair: Ash blond, silver, brown (mousey), pearl white, platinum, dark brown

Eyes: Blue, gray-green, gray, soft brown, hazel, aqua

Choice B — SUMMER
Women would see you as a summer kind of guy.
Your best colors are:(pastels) Navy, White, Blue-Green, Gray-Blue, Pink, Lavender, Plum, Aqua, Yellow, Rose, Grays


Colors to avoid are:
Orange, Gold, Black, Yellow-Green

Skin: Ivory, pink, beige, peach


Hair: Gold blond, light red, gold brown, gold gray

Eyes: Blue, green, teal, aqua, golden brown

Choice C — SPRING
Women would see you as a spring kind of guy.
Your best colors are:Red, light Blue, bright Green, Peach, Pink, Yellow, Ivory, Orange, Violet, White, Camel, Tan, Gold-Brown, light Browns, BeigeColors to avoid are:
Dark Brown, Blue-Red, Black, Blue
Skin: Ivory, peach,beige, gold brown


Hair: Red, brown, blond, black, gray, copper, auburn, strawberry blond

Eyes: Brown, green, blue-green, hazel, aqua, turquoise

Choice D — AUTUMN
Women would see you as an autumn kind of guy.
Your best colors are:
(earth tones) dark Brown, Beige, Rust, Gold, Olive, Forest Green, Teal, Turquoise, Mauve, Mustard, Orange


Colors to avoid are:
Red, Yellow, light Gray, Blue-Red, Pink, Black, Blue

So go forth armed with a little more understanding of optics, colors, tailoring and how they can have subtle effects on how you can look your best!

This article is part of our “How to Look Your Best” series. This series is dedicated to helping people learn how to project their best image.