Inside Out Style names AskAndy one of the top seven!

Imogen Lamport – Inside Out Style – was kind enough to include AskAndy on her Top Seven Men’s Fashion Resources!

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Every now and again I get asked by you lovely readers about where to find information for the men in your life. Similar to the kind of information I post here for women.

Some of you even suggest I start a blog for men (if there were only a few more million hours in the week I would, but sadly I can only just keep up with writing this one blog, let along trying to produce enough content for a men’s style blog as well!).

So rather than try and write my own, I thought I’d provide you with links to some useful men’s style blogs.


7 Great Men’s Style and Fashion Blogs

  • Ask Andy– it’s been around a long time and has lots of brilliant resources and information on all questions of men’s style and what to wear

  • A Poor Man’s Millions– Australian fashion and lifestyle for men

  • Gentlemans Gazette– Classic style for men – not latest fashion trends

  • Effortless Gent – style and dressing tips for young men in the modern workplace no matter the dress code

  • Fashion Beans – trend and wardrobe advice for the modern man

  • He Spoke Style– tips on style and dressing for men from ties to lapels and so much more

  • Valet –from tips on doing your laundry, to what to wear to a job interview as well as the latest fashions it’s all here