Bob at iTailor and I go back a long way!

He was one of the first advertisers on AskAndy and I met him on a trip to Thailand.  He did a great tour for my wife and I and we really had a lot of fun.

Bob’s a wonderful human being!  Down the page I’ll show you my first suit.

This is a beautiful light weight wool blend (perfect for the weather here in the California desert).  The pattern is a good looking subtle plaid.


Look at that lining!!  And the AskAndy hanger is embroidered inside along with my name.  (Bob did this on my first suit and told me that was so I couldn’t sell it on e-Bay!)




There was a swatch of the lining fabric which I used as a pocket square.

All the custom details I’d ordered – peak lapels, hacking pockets, ticket pocket, and working sleeve buttons.

The price – ONLY $149

iTailor features:

– Factory Direct Brand

– Over 42 years of Tailoring Experience

– No Middle Man, Direct Selling

– Mass Target = Mass Production = Affordable Prices

– Self Owned Factory (over 400 skilled employees)

– Products shipped directly to customers from the Factory

– Top Quality Fabrics

– Unlimited Design options with our 3D Designer

– Free Monograms, Free Contrasting, No additional Charges

iTailor is a professional state-of-the art tailoring factory, offering direct factory prices to their customers.

They have been in the tailoring business for four decades and are proud to be able to offer the best prices available on the internet.

They have the best fabric partners, a highly skilled IT support team (responsible for everything from web development to process optimization), and most importantly, operate their own production facility.

With 40 years of experience, iTailor has detailed know-how regarding all body types. They aim to achieve the best fit for you personally, providing the most satisfactory online tailor-made shirt shopping experience.

The parent company Gino makes clothes for most of the employees of the Las Vegas casinos, and other hotels.

Also try his great custom shirts, shoes (yes custom shoes), and everything else they offer and at a very reasonable price!



The original iTailor Review:

My first suit!

Make sure you tell him hello for me, and mention you came from the Ask Andy site!

My suit is fantastic! It’s a peaked lapel, two button, double vents in a navy Birdseye. The pattern really looks great and the fit, oh the fit!!

The fabric is Italian, Lessona S120, Bob Chawla of Gino uses horsehair interfacing (also called canvas or interlining) and there is some fusing (as we mentioned fusing has come a long way in the past few years) but Gino is proud that they use the finest fusing fabric from France.

Remember I was trying to describe the detailing that Gino’s does?

This may be a better illustration, and yes that’s the Ask Andy hanger logo!


I had met Bob as mentioned above on my trip to Thailand in January 2006 and turned him into a tour guide, which he did wonderfully!

My wife and I had a good day with him seeing some of the sites When he took us back to our cruise ship we were a little late and only had time to look at several suits Bob had in his trunk.

I was impressed and tried to describe the detailing and hand work!