Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons Luxury!

Most of the items on Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons website are described as “world’s finest”, luxurious, and it’s not hype!  Their items really are the finest in the world.  Alexander Kabbaz and family have been providing premium goods for a long time now.

I got this golf (and other activities) polo shirt from Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons.

  • Kabbaz-Kelly’s Incomparable Certified Sea Island Polo Shirt
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Made in Italy by Lorenzo Conti
  • Certified WISICA Sea Island Cotton Italian-spun By Emilcotoni
  • Mother-of-Pearl Buttons by Italy’s renowned Gritti family

The fully-fashioned (knitted in one piece) exclusive Sea Island Cotton polo shirt is the result of many years of design and testing by the Kabbaz-Kelly family.

All aspects of the polo, from the soft 3-button closure to the supple hem and collar construction are the result of extensive testing and design revisions.

Certified Sea Island Cotton, for those unfamiliar with this special fiber, is the rarest cotton on the planet. Grown exclusively in the West Indies, the soft, full-bodied cotton is the longest staple in existence.

It is this long fiber which yields the smooth and super-soft hand of the legendary Sea Island Cotton.

And two pair of The World’s Finest Woven Boxer Shorts™

Boxers from CustomShirt1

And really they are the world’s finest!  Not only for the fabric and fit, but just look at that presentation!  Everything that comes from Kabbaz is beautifully packaged.

Boxers, polo shirt, and more!

The boxers are in a clear plastic reusable box which snaps shut. It’s perfect for storing small items (collar stays, etc.) plus you can see what you have stored.

Sorry NO pictures!

Product Details from Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons

As you know, our overarching concern in everything we offer is that the quality be the best available. Period.

When our former Swiss supplier decided to move the production of their woven cotton boxers to Poland and Bulgaria, we resolved to create the finest woven boxers ever made.

Our first thought was for the cotton. After three quarters of a century making bespoke shirts, there was no question. Alumo is the finest cotton weaver on the planet so we headed straight to Appenzell. Fabric in hand, we turned to design.

Again, our decades of pattern-making experience played a key role during the twelve months of making samples and testing fit. With the thoroughly vetted designs under our belt, the next concern was buttons.

Here again there was no question. Pearl was the only acceptable solution … so it was off to Italy’s reknowned Gritti, spa. Carefully milled and laser-engraved, our precious buttons arrived a few months later.

In the interim our favorite maker, Milan’s Villa Delmitia, began testing the patterns in a small production. We found beautiful, hinged clear plastic boxes – great for storage after taking out the boxers – which perfectly fit our boxers.

We tied the whole thing up in a bright red, gold embossed ribbon and our testing was finally done.

Finally, everything was right. Production began. A few months later our long-awaited booty arrived.

Here’s a summary:

  • Designed and Tested by Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons bespoke makers
  • 2×2 Mercerized and Singed Swiss Cotton woven by Alumo of Appenzell, Switzerland
  • The best Laser-engraved White Pearl Buttons by Italy’s Gritti, spa
  • Careful and Talented stitching by Italy’s finest Artisan, Villa Delmitia of Milan
  • Created in 5 different fabrics in Sizes Small through 3XL
  • Available with or Without a button on the fly (Contact Us after ordering to have the fly button)
  • The Kabbaz-Kelly Challenge: Show us a better ready-made woven boxer and Ours Are Yours Free!

My wife also received some absolutely luxurious underwear (actually you can hardly call it underwear, it’s in such a higher class than that)!  It’s rather lingerie, called “Tanami Silk & Cotton” is 46% Italian silk & 56% Egyptian cotton.

Absolutely no photos! 🙂

– Andy Gilchrist

Kabbaz-Kelly and sons explain it best:

All of our lingerie is made in a very small studio in the Italian countryside. We work with Elena on the design – Malinda’s particular items took us about 18 months from start to finish.

What Malinda received is available in 4 different panties and two tops. Our pure cotton lines are available in lingerie basics and a special activewear/yoga line which includes a wonderful hoodie.

Our lace lingerie (not yet released – set for next Christmas) is made with the same Tanami silk & cotton and features handmade French Calais lace.

Below is some more information. You can see photos and such here. Our active/yoga cotton line is here. The lingerie basics don’t yet have their own page.


elegant style realized in softly flowing melt-in-your-hand silk & cotton.

The passion of Alexander Kabbaz & Joelle Kelly for only the best which can be created. The passion of Cri & Gio for the eternally tasteful beauty elicited by simplicity in design.

Classic and timeless lines, quality of craftsmanship, and passion. Kabbaz-Kelly by Cri & Gio: Lingerie like you’ve only dreamed of.


There’s a sign over my design table which has been there since the 1970’s”, noted Alexander Kabbaz. The sign says “You came here for Quality. Quality can NOT be rushed.”

It is this overarching maxim of quality which governs all we do. With so many artisinal family companies selling out to venture capital groups – with all the cost cutting that entails – continuing to offer the best quality products means investing ourselves in the creation process.

When the main women’s lingerie line we’ve offered for more than a quarter-century went the mass-market department store route, the results were terrible.

It was then that we decided it was time to create our own collection. We turned to our old friend Tamara Gattucci who introduced us to the wonderful Sra. Elena Cecchetelli. It was like a dream come true.

Elena, the founder of Cri & Gio, began her lingerie career as a seamstress in 1971. During the 45 years since, Sra. Cecchetelli has produced for Cosabella, La Perla, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, Zilli and Stefano Ricci among others.

Today she is easily the best women’s lingerie designer and technical engineer in Italy. It has been a privilege to work with her … and work we did! It’s almost two years now since we began working on our new collection.

Designing, testing, correcting, testing again. Repeat. Repeat again. But it was all worth it.

Sra. Elena Cecchetelli

In a world where mass production and the logistics of large volume seem to be the only reality possible, there are a small group who still believe that artisinal manufacturing is synonymous with the best quality.

In her laboratory (Italian vernacular for creative studios), Elena Cecchetelli harnesses the traditional Italian quality ethic in every step of the process. Pattern design, modeling, sewing, ironing … all are directly supervised by Sra. Elena. Fabric research, drape, touch, elegance, freshness and lightness have marked the evolution of this collection.

Elena’s motto: “The perfect simplicity of each piece hides a precious refinement of detail and the best workmanship.”

You will be more than pleased with any purchase from Kabbaz-Kelly and sons!