Everything You Wanted To Know about L.L.Bean Boot Liners & More

Temperatures in the winter can get really low, depending on where you live. When this happens, you need to layer up well to preserve your body heat and keep warm. Many people remember to get snow boots, but often forget the importance of the boot liners.

Getting the right boots is only the first step; you must also have the right winter boot liners.

L.L.Bean boot liners are designed to give that extra layer of warmth you need to keep your feet warm. Adding L.L.Bean boot inserts might help to keep your toes from freezing in the winter cold.

In this article, discover everything you should know about buying boot liners, the right sizing, and the benefits.

Importance of Boot Liners

You may be asking yourself, “I already have my perfect pair of L.L.Bean snow boots and socks. Why should I get liners?”

Boot liners are incredibly essential to keep the inside of your boots toasty in chilly winter weather.

Even if your L.L.Bean boots are lined with an insulative material, you need the right L.L.Bean duck boot liners to prevent any moisture that seeps in from touching your skin.

The right liners make a world of difference to your snow boot get-up, especially in the dead of winter when temperatures are in the single digits or even sub-zero.

You also need boot liners if you spend your time outdoors during winter weather – trekking in the snow and ice to get from place to place.

Shoe liners offer additional support and increase the breathability and temperature retention of your boots.

Bean boot inserts are relevant and useful throughout the year. In fact, it is best to have liners for the rest of the year, and thick L.L.Bean shearling insoles or liners for winter.

Where Can I Buy L.L.Bean Boot Inserts?

L.L.Bean boot liners are easy to buy from the same places you buy your L.L.Bean boots. If you need to replace them, you can contact the company directly to know where to find the correct size of insoles.

It may be harder to buy the right insoles if you have never owned an L.L.Bean pair of boots before. If this is the case, make a visit to an actual store where you can determine the right size of shearling boot liners for your boots.

Remember, L.L.Bean boots are made with the provision for your liners or insoles, so you don’t have to buy one size up.

From their online stores, you’ll find everything you can get in a physical store.

L.L.Bean boot liner

If your size is out of stock, simply place your order, and your pair of L.L.Bean boot liners will be delivered to you.

What Materials are L.L.Bean Boot Liners Made of?

Given that liners are supposed to provide extra insulation, it’s vital to know the material used to make your duck boot liners. L.L.Bean boot inserts are made from shearling, which is a kind of fine fleece.

The lamb shearling is treated and dried for extra comfort, and the bottom is made with EVA foam to provide extra cushioning and support. This makes them ideal for keeping your feet comfortable in the extreme winter cold.

Note that L.L.Bean shearling insoles and liners are made specifically to wear with L.L.Bean snow boots only and no other types of boots from L.L.Bean.

Shearling is an excellent material to make boot liners. It is soft, snuggly and very warm – your feet will feel extra comfortable and light when walking around with these liners.

L.L.Bean shearling boot liners are also very durable – you can expect your snow boots and liners to serve for several years before replacement is necessary.

It’s normal to experience stiffness when you first use the liners, especially if you’re placing new liners in old boots. This is because it takes some time to break in new liners. In new boots, both the liner and boot will break in simultaneously, so you won’t have this problem.

The stiffness should ease with regular wearing, and it isn’t significant enough to make for uncomfortable wear.

What Are the Benefits of L.L.Bean Shearling Insoles?

Shearling liners are great for regular walking in daily use.

They are comfortable and snuggly enough to keep your feet warm even if worn without socks. You can choose to wear with or without socks according to your preferences.

L.L.Bean boot inserts are removable and can keep your feet dry and warm regardless of external weather conditions. The outer part is made from quick-drying felt, which excludes any water that enters the boots.

L.L.Bean sherling insoles

These bean boot liners are also easy to remove and replace into the shoes if you need to dry them before wearing the next day.

The textured Berber collar stands out as warm and stylish, covering any spaces where the boot ends to keep you warm. Use these liners to enhance the performance of your favorite snow boots.

Another benefit of shearling insoles is that they’re ideal if you don’t want to spend money on winter boots and separate boots for the other seasons.

So you simply take out your lining for the rest of the year and put them back in during winter.

What’s the Right Size of L.L.Bean Boot Liners?

Apart from knowing how to size your L.L.Bean boots, it’s crucial to get the right size of bean boot liners so that you’re entirely comfortable when walking around.

L.L.Bean boot liners come in different sizes, although the width of fit is the same – medium.

For men, you should order your liners according to your regular shoe size. If you wear a half-size, order a half-size up. For instance, if you’re a 9.5, order a 10.

Women should order a size smaller than their regular size. That is, if you’re a size 8 then you should order size 7 liners, which will fit correctly.

If your foot is in half-sizes, order your next half-size down, i.e. size 8 boot liners if you’re size 8.5.

Use this size chart, and you can always visit a physical store or contact customer support if you need help knowing what the right size for you is.

L.L.Bean Boot Liner Sizing Guide Example

GenderShoe SizeL.L.Bean Boot Liner Size

How Should I Care for L.L.Bean Duck Boot Liners?

Just like your L.L.Bean boots, your liners need special care to prevent them from developing odors or premature aging. Always remove the liners and hang them in a well-ventilated area if they get wet or damp.

They should be given at least 12-24 hours between wears, depending on the level of dampness. You can replace them once completely dry.

You can hand-wash your L.L.Bean shearling insoles and hang them to dry as usual. For a thorough clean, use a little liquid detergent in warm water and soak for 10-15 minutes (no longer).

Swirl around to clean, then remove, place on a bath towel, and change the water. Swirl them in the rinsing water and for 2-3 minutes, then replace onto the bath towel.

Roll the towel with the liners inside to remove excess water. You can press lightly on the bath towel to wring out the water. Hang to dry in a well-ventilated area away from extreme or direct heat.

Bonus Tips: How Can I Make My Winter Boots Comfortable?

Getting the right size of winter boots and liners is the first step to ensuring you are comfortable. If you’re getting liners, ensure you have the right size of boot – you need different sizes if wearing with liners or without.

For L.L.Bean boots, however, remember that every size makes provision for the liners, so you need not order one size up to cater for the liners.

If you walk for long periods, invest in L.L.Bean shearling insoles that are also reinforced with foam to cushion your feet at the bottom. Remember, you only need to wear light socks if you have liners in your boots. Without liners, you must have high-quality winter socks.

The temperature changes between walking indoors and outdoors can cause your feet to sweat. To prevent discomfort and orders, get moisture-wicking socks, which absorb moisture and kill pathogens that may cause bad odors.

If your feet are prone to getting blisters, consider covering the affected areas with a bandage or getting thin coverings for your legs.

These are especially helpful to avoid irritating your skin when breaking in new shoes.

Start Your Winter Right with the Perfect L.L.Bean Boot Inserts

Now that you know all there is to know on your favorite liners: L.L.Bean boot liners, you are ready to hit the store. Getting high-quality boot liners in the perfect fit is the best way to complete your winter wardrobe.

You don’t even have to leave your home: thanks to their online store, you can get men and women’s inserts on the L.L.Bean website. They have liners for L.L.Bean snow boots of varying heights, and you can use coupons to drive the price even lower. Just remember to make a store visit if it’s your first pair so that you get the sizing right.

Now that your feet are warm, dry and toasty, venture out confidently into the snow and make a snowman with your family and friends.

If you’d like to learn more or ask questions about this, join us for the L.L. Bean boot liner discussion in our online community.