Mainline Menswear Quilted Jacket

I have a little quote about quilted jackets in this feature on Mainline Menswear. It’s number 6 in the list.

Quilted Jacket

When I first hear the word “quilted” I think of my grandma’s bed spread. But that memory passes and I think of the great and practical winter jacket!

Belstaff Quilted Jacket

The quilting is a brilliant engineering design for greater warmth. It can feature a warm lining kept in place by the quilted pattern.

The light lining means the jacket remains stylish but practical.

The quilting pattern keeps the lining in place so that it all doesn’t fall to the bottom of the jacket rendering it non-functional.

And if you think quilting is recent invention in clothing, don’t!

From the early 16th century to 1668 the vest men worn was in the form of an under-doublet, which was waist length, quilted and worn for warmth it became more and more decorative.