Men: Take Moisturizing More Seriously

Most men inherit their wellness routines from their fathers. Some people have learned from their fathers: meditation, reading a book at night, how to exercise, and now most recently, skincare. Traditionally, most men did not discuss such topics but these are changing times. 

Men want to look great and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is through skincare. However, until recently, skincare has been on the back burner for most men.

It’s been something that has been neglected largely due to a focus on other wellness activities like working out and dressing stylishly.

For those who want better skin, moisturizing is a great first step towards healthier skin.

Moisturizing skin is an important part of skincare for men.
Men can now use tinted moisturizers

First off, moisturizing prevents skin from getting dehydrated. It does this by increasing the moisture level of the stratum corneum, the skin barrier that contains fat, oil, and skin cells that keep moisture in the skin.

Secondly, moisturizing can reduce the potential for skin problems which can occur when the skin starts to dry up. One very common example is acne.

To moisturize correctly, having a routine is imperative. Applying once in the morning and once before you go to sleep is the standard for most men. However, feel free to apply moisturizer whenever your skin feels dry throughout the day. 

Benefits of a Moisturizer

Moisturizing clears skin, reduces shine, and makes your skin look healthy, especially in colder climates.

Moisturizing helps clear skin because, whenever the skin is dry, it becomes more irritated, resulting in acne that looks much worse than it actually is. Because acne is mostly inflammation on the skin, acne will start to fade as you calm down the inflammation.

You can do this by moisturizing daily which will reduce dryness and thus, lead to less inflammation. 

Shiny or oily skin happens whenever the sebaceous glands make too much sebum. While sebum is meant to protect the skin and keep it hydrated, too much sebum can clog pores and result in shiny skin.

Moisturizers control excess oil production by adding an extra layer of protection that absorbs the extra oil produced whenever too much sebum is made. 

The most sensitive parts of your body when it comes to your skin are the face, ears, neck, and chest.

Your face’s skin cells, therefore, shed faster than other areas so they need more moisture to repair themselves and allow younger skin cells to replace the dead ones.

The moisture that comes from moisturizer plays a part in replacing the dead skin with newer skin to help you stay looking young and fresh. 

Another option you can go with is getting a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers like this one from Stryx will smooth your skin and also provide an even tone for a better aesthetic look.

Some advantages of using a tinted moisturizer are its lightweight feeling, its thin consistency, and its wide range of shades. 

Taking Skin Care Seriously

In the past, men didn’t really consider skincare to be a primary concern for looking good. It was more about how they dressed and how their physique looked. Now, skincare has begun to take hold in the culture of looking your best.

Skincare has shown to provide a variety of benefits, especially when it comes to moisturizing. Moisturizing can reduce blemish and shine, clear up acne, and keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Furthermore, maintaining a proper skincare routine is very simple, requiring only a few minutes each day to keep your skin looking clean, healthy, and refreshed.

You apply some moisturizer in the morning, some moisturizer before you go to sleep, and some moisturizer in between if your skin starts to dry out. 

Preparing your skin for the day ahead and cleaning the dirt off your face at the end of the day to help your skin heal is a process that men are just now starting to embrace.

Healthy looking skin is a major factor in how well you look as a man. Caring about your appearance isn’t just about clothing.

It’s time for guys to start taking skincare seriously.

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