All About the Patagonia Outlet

When it comes to outdoor apparel and gear, there is perhaps no company more iconic than Patagonia and Patagonia Outlet. It’s notoriously durable and the reputation for quality has landed devotees the world over. But, whether you’re a longtime fan or brand newbie, you know the merchandise isn’t exactly easy on wallet.

This article will help you score a great deal on this iconic brand and give you a little history along the way.

A company on a very literal mission

Since it was founded in 1973 by prominent environmentalist and climber Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia has stood for much more than simply turning a profit. The company prioritizes sustainability and is a champion of conservation, but takes it a step further than most nearly all mainstream brands and puts its money where its mouth is, so to speak.

Patagonia: Mountain Hiking

Patagonia sources its materials ethically. A whopping 70% of them are recycled and certified-organic. The company fights to keep public land, pays its employees well. And, they use tracing in facilities to maintain impeccable quality standards.

Those intentional practices translate directly to the product clothing.

Patagonia uses truly waterproof and breathable materials and engineers its products to stand the test of both time and repeated use. They’re minimally-designed to be just what you need and nothing you don’t. They are repairable or recyclable, further extending product lifespan and significantly reducing their carbon footprint. 

Unconventional Patagonia

Aside from selling its world-renowned Nano Puff insulated vests, Better Sweater fleeces, Snap-T pullovers, and Down Sweater jackets, Patagonia is a huge advocate for environmental issues.

Through its 1% for the Planet organization, Patagonia contributes a minimum of 1% of annual sales – which, given 2019 revenue in excess of $800M, amounts to a lot more than just peanuts – to environmental restoration and preservation efforts.

patagonia outlet shopping

In a world where consumer goods are increasingly made cheaper and faster without any regard for potential environmental impact, Patagonia’s commitment to the planet is remarkable. The brand’s core values include “Build the best product,” “Cause no unnecessary harm,” and “Use business to protect nature.”

Those values have earned Patagonia a legion of worldwide fans, but it’s the clothing’s outstanding craftsmanship, functionality, and durability that turn those fans into lifetime patrons.

Patagonia gear worth its hefty pricetag. That’s what makes the Patagonia outlet stores so attractive – you can get the items you already like at a fraction of the price.

What’s the Patagonia Outlet?

Unfortunately, “great deal” and Patagonia don’t often align. The brand rarely has big sales and is notorious for ultra-strict retailing and distribution guidelines, which is why you can’t buy it from Amazon or Costco. There is one notable exception, however — Patagonia outlet stores.

If you’re scratching your head thinking, “I’m a huge Patagonia fan! I’ve never seen a Patagonia outlet,” you’re probably right. True to company form, there are just six Patagonia outlet stores in the entire world and most of them are in unexpected locations. But, those who are willing to put in a bit of effort can find deals that seem almost too good to be true at the Patagonia outlets.

What can you find at a Patagonia Outlet?

Most of what you’ll find at the Patagonia outlets is last season’s clothing and gear. That often means no-longer-available colors and mostly extreme sizes such as XS and XXL. But, gems can still be found. Shoppers consistently report scoring jackets for under $75 and finding tops and pants for less than $20, which amounts to savings of well over 50%.

You’ll also find a limited selection of first-quality items at Patagonia outlet stores, typically seasonal best-sellers. Occasionally, you may come across a “sales sample,” a one-of-a-kind prototype of an item that won’t be available for several seasons- if at all.

patagonia mountain hiking gear

While there are the odd (pun very much intended) stained or irregular items found in Patagonia outlets, such as a jacket with an upside-down zipper, the majority of the clothing is simply from seasons past.

Patagonia Outlet Store locations

With just six Patagonia outlet stores in the entire world, the company has done an excellent job of keeping them rather elusive. The steals and unique or items are truly incredible, though.

Dillon, MT

Set in far southwestern Montana, Dillon lies on the Beaverhead River and away from major cities. While it’s well off the beaten path, Dillon is a hub of outdoor recreation. Three rivers converge in the town and several major interstates meet here, providing easy access to world-class trout fishing, national forests, and several historic sites.

When you think about it, Dillon is actually a perfect location for a Patagonia outlet. 

  • Men’s, women’s, kids’, and gear available
  • Onsite Worn Wear repairs 
  • Community events include Weekly Enviro Yoga and talks led by wilderness experts

Freeport, ME

Freeport, Maine is known worldwide as an outlet shopping destination, but there’s much, much more to this New England city. It has a rich history centered around fishing and shipbuilding, so it comes as no surprise water sports and boating of all types are wildly popular in Freeport.

There are several state parks nearby, as well as hiking, cycling, and horseback riding trails. 

  • Men’s, women’s, kids’, and gear available
  • Onsite Worn Wear repairs, plus mending workshops
  • Free community events include weekly yoga and workshops on sustainable living

Reno, NV

Just south of downtown, one block from the Truckee River, and an hour from magnificent Lake Tahoe, you’ll find the Patagonia outlet in Reno. This particular location is a historic former Hudson car dealership and still retains much of its original charm and character.

Within a 10-minute of this Patagonia outlet location, you can be whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hiking, and much more.

  • Located in up-and-coming south downtown Reno
  • Men’s, women’s, kids’, and gear available
  • Free community events include family nights, field days, Weekly Enviro Yoga, and cooking classes

Salt Lake City, UT

For more than 30 years, this Patagonia outlet location has called SLC’s vibrant Sugar House district home. At the base of the Wasatch mountains and with easy access to both downtown and the airport, the Sugar House area epitomizes the adventurousness of Salt Lake City living.

Whether you’re a devoted yogi or downhill skiing is more your speed, you’ll find all the gear necessary for your lifestyle at the Patagonia outlet in SLC. 

  • Men’s, women’s, kids’, and gear available
  • Patagonia Provisions products and books also sold here
  • Community events include field days, sustainability talks, and Weekly Enviro Yoga

Santa Cruz, CA 

There’s really no stretch of California coastline that isn’t beautiful, but Santa Cruz is spectacular. Just minutes from the coast, you’ll find forests of massive redwood trees and the Santa Cruz mountain range.

Unsurprisingly, the community here is fiercely protective of the environment and passionate about its outdoor recreation, from surfing to mountain biking and everything between. 

  • Located in the former Farmers Exchange
  • Men’s, women’s, kids’, and gear available
  • Free weekly community yoga classes

Dublin, IE

With soaring alpine peaks as well as the Irish Sea, there’s no question that Dublin, Ireland, has adventure in its DNA. Mountain biking, watersports, hiking, and extreme sports including kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and rock climbing are all wildly popular, so the Patagonia outlet store is a natural fit in Dublin.

  • The only Patagonia outlet store location outside of the U.S.
  • This location isn’t shoppable online
  • Weekly community yoga classes

Do Patagonia Outlet have sales?

There are three legendary Patagonia outlet store sales a year: Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Outlet prices are fantastic year-round, but, no surprise customers wait in line for these sales, camping out for hours or even days to get first crack these.

Can I shop a Patagonia outlet store online?

Technically, you can shop any Patagonia outlet online – but it’s probably not what you’re hoping for. The only items available online are first-quality items in a traditional Patagonia retail store.

Patagonia skiing equipment

So, outlet items are available in-store only, and the same holds true for the three big seasonal sales. You’ll have to physically go into a Patagonia outlet store to find outlet prices or take advantage of massive sales.

What’s the return policy at Patagonia outlet stores?

One of the things that makes Patagonia so awesome is its legendary return policy. Its “Ironclad Guarantee” ensures hassle-free returns or exchanges of any Patagonia product, regardless of where it was purchased. Customers can bring items they bought online into an outlet store, items purchased at a Patagonia outlet can be returned to a traditional store, and any Patagonia-owned store will even accept items purchased from third-party retailers such as REI.

Patagonia outlet stores also offer onsite repairs through the company’s Worn Wear program. In most cases, the repairs are free, but customers may be asked to pay a small fee for fixing technical items including wetsuits and waders. The Worn Wear program covers repairs for the entire lifespan of Patagonia items.

Wrapping Up: Is the Patagonia Outlet worth it?

In short- yes. The price-to-quality ratio is already high, but it’s exceptional to find these products at such steep discounts. We here at Ask Andy believe in investing in quality goods, from suits to sportswear.

We also believe in sustainable style. Patagonia’s commitment to the planet is a benchmark other brands, both large and small should follow.

What’s your take on sustainability and fashion? We’d love to hear your opinion. Chime in on our community over here.

Thanks for reading.