ISUIT Review, Italian Luxury Suits & Clothing

The fashion space is changing. Stalwarts as diverse as J.Crew and Nike are selling less than they once did, so they push surplus product to their outlets or ‘factory stores’ and mark them down. ISUIT is bucking this trend by offering the consumer timeless Italian luxury products at outlet-level prices.

What is ISUIT?

Firstly, they are not an outlet store. They source exclusively and directly from luxury makers, and stock suits, blazers, shoes, and accessories.

Because they buy direct, with no middleman, they are able to offer extraordinarily great prices to their customers.

In fact, they are the only company officially authorized to sell many of the brand products shown on their website.

ISUIT, short for “Italian Suit”, is in an Italian online e-commerce retailer offering curated goods from fashion houses like Brioni, Santoni, Kiton, and Zilli.

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Satorio Napoli Suit ISUIT

A Sartorio Napoli suit

They carefully target which brands they source from, so they are able to offer you, the consumer, a luxury good at much less than the exorbitant luxury retail markup.

The Problems with the Outlet Market

There’s no shortage of brick-and-mortar outlets offering brand-name goods at outlet prices.   But, these places do have some considerable issues.

Excess Product

The shops may be selling you ‘brand name’ goods, but what you’re likely getting is product brands don’t (or can’t) sell in their own shops or e-commerce platforms.

Off season clothing, odd sizing, and loud patterns are the norm here.

It can be a good deal if you’re an outlier with a 36-inch inseam or happen to be searching for a bright green parka in July.

Other than that, though, it can be be quite difficult to find an item you’ll get much wear out of.

Lack of Care

Because the goods in many outlets are, essentially, overstock, it’s possible they’re not treated with the same care as the full-price items.

Suits and sweaters may be crammed together on long racks and hung on wire hangers.

You may find a gorgeous cashmere jumper from Ralph Lauren for a very attractive price, but it’s been stored so poorly the fabric has already begun to pill.

Inconvenient Experience

To find what you’re looking for, you’ll have to sift through piles of clothing resembling a lost and found. This is inconvenient, undesirable, and makes for an unpleasant shopping experience.

You may find that Ralph Lauren jumper- but what do you suffer through to get it?

What Makes ISUIT Different?


ISUIT is unique because they target specific brands. They’re an Italian company, targeting Italian brands, with Italian craftsmanship and styling.

This means you’re finding the best Italy has to offer- not unsold leftovers.

Cesare Attolini Suit ISUIT

A Navy Cesare Attolini Suit

They also don’t stock an extraordinary amount of inventory, at least not compared to mass-market outlets.

This is beneficial to the consumer for three reasons:

i. Quality Control. Less inventory to check over means better QC checks on the materials. You can rest assured you are getting a product that’s had eyes on it.

ii. Easier to search. Less inventory means it’s less complicated to sift through pages and pages of items. On ISUIT’s site, there’s a smaller selection for many brands, but that means it’s easier to find what you what.

iii. Closer to the source. ISUIT stocks products made in Italy, and ships worldwide from from Italy. It costs money for a vendor to hold inventory, and less inventory means less cost the vendor has to absorb. This ultimately results in a lower price for you, the consumer.

Timeless Styling

Many brands use outlets as a way to offload their unusual product. It’s good for a season or two and then ends up in storage or a ‘donate’ bin. Not so here.

The product ISUIT selects is in classic color palettes with navy, greys, and creams.

This careful attention ultimately means you’ll get a garment you wear more often. Because it you wear it more, this ultimately results in a lower cost-per-wear than a loud button-up shirt you have to donate in two seasons because it’s quickly gone out of fashion.

So, you’re getting a good deal in the end!


As has been established, shopping in a physical outlet store is a real pain. Items are sorted by size and style, but rarely anything more. It can be extremely difficult to find what you want!

ISUIT makes it easy to search and narrow down the best option for you from the comfort of your living room. No more digging through bins!

User Experience

A challenge for any outlet (and many department stores, for that matter) is how to display their massive inventory in a way consumers can easily access and peruse.

But ISUIT has done an extraordinary job in making their site both inviting and easy to navigate.

Their home page design is clean and minimal, with a warm background of gold and forward accents of black.

That not only makes the text readable, but allows you, the viewer, to focus on the items at hand. You easily search on the search bar at the header, and filter first by designer, then by item of clothing.

Sports Jacket at ISUIT

A Kiton Sports Jacket

Most interesting, though, is the site’s “Compare”feature . You quickly scroll through the site and select two or more items you’re interested in.

You easily compare on brand, material construction, price, and a host of other options.

This is an innovative feature of e-commerce and shows how much care the founders put into their shop.

Final Thoughts on ISUIT

ISUIT curates a luxury experience with Italian styling and niche brands. Exclusivity in brand selection prevents the”brand dilution” that occurs when a luxury good is overexposed.

With their “compare” tool you can not only stack brands against each other, but digitally construct entire outfits. This is a truly unique feature.

They offer discounted products at a more approachable price point than you’d find in a luxury boutique.

If you’re looking to enter the luxury market without paying the luxury good markup, ISUIT is a great place to start.

You can find ISUIT on Instagram and through an additional location, Porcamo SRL, in their eBay shop.

Visit for more information.