My Custom Tailor Review

I just got my third My Custom Tailor Sport Jacket!

Another perfect fit in a subtle navy with plaid pattern.

Andy sporting this brilliant blue pinstripe jacket

I went light weight for Southern California and it’s half lined also for coolness.

Making up the jacket and shipping is quick at My Custom Tailor!

It’s a beautiful jacket with peaked lapels, working sleeve buttons and I really like the pattern and fabric.

Working sleeve buttons!

Hong Kong

My Custom Tailor just recently expanded their Thailand operations to add manufacturing in Hong Kong.

This sport jacket is from the new Hong Kong facility and is exceptionally well made.

With their increasing business and more demanding clientele, it’s very wise for MCT to use the expert tailors of Hong Kong.

The jacket is not only well made, but the fabric has a softer finish,  a hallmark of the Hong Kong facility.

The Master Tailor from My Custom Custom Tailors travels all over the world and probably near you.

Their Tailors will measure you in person and has a vast range of top fabrics on display.

All items custom made to measure, so hurry and get your appointments scheduled at My Custom Tailor’s Travel Itinerary


My second My Custom Custom Tailor Sport Jacket!

My Custom Custom Tailor Review – Herringbone Sports Jacket

I just got my second My Custom Custom Tailor  Sport Jacket!

This one, like the first, fits perfectly in a great herringbone wool fabric.

It’s convenient since once they have your size profile, you can easily re-order garments.

Just choose from a unbelievable selection of fabrics and patterns on their website, and then you’re good to go!


The jacket is not only well made, but the fabric has a softer finish and more flowing construction that drapes closer to the body, which will be the hallmark of the Hong Kong facility.

My Custom custom tailors visit the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and continental Europe several times a year.

They also have some great specials and deals from which to choose.

Appointments Online

They accept appointments and bookings online for their custom tailoring roadshows, which is great because you can get measured in person by their master tailors at no additional cost!

I ordered a sport jacket, shirt and trousers from the owner recently on his Los Angles visit, and then I did the unpardonable to him!

When I got home I looked in my closet and discovered a sport jacket very similar to the fabric pattern I had just ordered.

Just a simple case of the customer not being prepared, and hey, it’s difficult to get in my closet to see what’s there!

Well I looked at the My Custom Custom Tailor website, picked out some alternative fabrics, and then e-mailed them.

I was afraid that the order was already in or they wouldn’t want to change to something I hadn’t actually looked at.

Great Customer Service

They could not have been nicer or more effective with their customer service!

I was thrilled when they immediately e-mailed me with some suggested fabric choices.

I picked one and will be happy to share my reviews when the ensemble arrives, so stay tuned!

Here are my sport jacket gray trousers that are wrinkle resistant and my blue check shirt.

(a light weight plaid – brown and blue – with a spectacular lining)

All fit great, excellent attention to detail and I received all of these within a month of ordering!

Andy posing in his My Custom Tailor | Bespoke Suit Andy wearing My Custom Tailor | Bespoke Suit

Thank you My Custom Tailors!

Be sure to visit their website at: