RibbedTee Undershirt Review

RibbedTee CoolWear Supima Undershirts for Men

RibbedTee CoolWear Supima Undershirts for Men

I just had the opportunity to try an innovation in underwear!! Sorry nothing to do with Victoria’s Secret. 😮

This is a men’s undershirt called RibbedTee and it’s a unique combination of what’s great in a ribbed athletic tank undershirt with the traditional Tee, with an improvement on both!

You get the close fit, comfort and cooling effects of the ribbed fabric with a tee’s underarm perspiration and deodorant/antiperspirant protection for your shirt.

These undershirts, both crew or V-neck, feel really good, fit closely so you don’t get any bunched up fabric under your shirt, and stay tucked in (the length, top of shoulder to bottom, is cut extra long and engineered with a tailored cut – the bottom is 1″ narrower than chest)!

They’ve even solved the loose sleeve problem with form fitting sleeves that stay in place.

From the RibbedTee website:

At RibbedTee, it’s our focus to help men look and feel great in their clothes, so we’ve designed a collection of undershirts and tees to meet every guy’s needs.

It’s the perfect men’s undershirt at a more than perfect price.

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