Learn About Saltwater New England & The Daily Prep

Saltwater New England is a celebration of both New England and the classic preppy lifestyle, told through vintage and modern original photography. With over a quarter million monthly page views, curator Muffy Aldrich has built a global audience through fashion and culture writing.

Here at Ask Andy, we’re passionate about lifting up creators, writers, photographers, and those who embrace dressing and living well. With some of our post popular community discussions dedicated to her, we wanted to share Muffy’s story here.

Who Is Muffy Aldrich?

Muffy Aldrich, so far as we can tell, is an entrepreneur and blogger from Connecticut.

She began blogging in 2010 as way to cope with the loss of her father. A gifted amateur photographer, he captured the leisure lifestyle of the New England upper classes in the mid 20th century. Yachting, polo, clubs and social events; conversations preserved for posterity in both black and white and living color.

Vintage Saltwater New England

What began as a way of sharing his photography on the Internet grew into a lifestyle brand, exposing outsiders to the somewhat secretive world of classic Americana and preppy culture. And, readers around the world are thankful for it.

What Is Saltwater New England?

Saltwater New England is a website centering around a “quest for an intelligent wardrobe, aligned with New England.” It began in 2010 as The Daily Prep. The site built significant traction throughout the early part of decade.

As the site grew, it began to branch into other areas of New England life. As the evolved, the name did as well: Saltwater New England.

What Does The Saltwater New England Blog Cover?

The blog is a must-read when it comes to preppy clothing and lifestyle. Many consider Muffy’s blog as a kind of bible for good preppy fashion, however over the years her content has evolved to include lifestyle and historical information too.

We certainly get a sense of Ms. Aldrich’s preferences. Tweeds, cable knits, and a good waxed jacket are fall essentials. Color is meant to be played with, and should find its way into scarves, belts, and other accessories. A well-softened Oxford is a weekend staple.

She prefers simple, well-built things, and is quite thrifty. One would rather have a car, a boat, or bag that lasts a decade or more than fast-fashion blue jeans or a car with inferior steel and cheap plastic.

Muffy’s writing is simple as well; she prefers to let the photos speak for themselves. In an era where many prefer to talk instead of listen and feel compelled to over-explain; that’s a very good thing.

Why Follow Muffy Aldrich?

Muffy has inherited her father’s eye and taste. She shares not only his work, but her own photography on Saltwater New England. She appreciates not only the sea, but the land in New England as well. Her family has been Newenglanders for generations, and she’s proud of it.

Muffy Aldrich Saltwater

The photos allow readers to experience Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the surrounding Northeast through her eyes. At first blush, it can appear a little stuffy. An idyllic view of American aristocracy-or, old money clinging to a bygone era.

But, Saltwater New England is neither of those. Rather, it is the viewpoint of someone proud of what New England stands for. Muffy is showing you more than just a pretty picture; she’s showing you her heritage.