Short Body Type

Dress & Fashion For A Short Body Type

Some of the most famous men in history were short.


Suit Style:

Pick two or three-button single breasted. You can also wear Double Breasted suits, just button the lower button (like the Duke of Kent). This gives you a longer line in front and provides a taller look. Four-button, double-breasted jackets may be better than six to draw less attention to the upper body.


Fit is crucial for the short man since every detail — sleeve length, jacket length (should cover your bottom), pants length will make you look that much dapper. Center or side vents add a vertical line. Avoid pocket flaps and wide lapels; they add a horizontal line. Slightly built up shoulders will add height.

Patterns and Colors:

Anything that elongates is good, like the vertical effect of pinstripes, chalkstripes and herringbones. If you opt for patterns try small or medium size. When you wear a sports jacket make sure there is little contrast between the jacket and trousers. A high contrast can cut you in half.


Light or medium weight.

Shirts and Ties:

The shirt collars best for you are the straight point, button down or tab collars. Vertically stripes will be an asset. No bow ties. Ties should go to the belt buckle to avoid a horizontal gap and bold tie colors to accent your face are a good idea. Tie a four-in-hand knot for best proportion rather than the wider Windsor knots.


Medium break on the trouser bottoms. Cuffs are fine, just have your tailor make them 1- 1.25″ instead of 1.5-2″.


Stick to substantial shoes so your foot doesn’t look too trim and small.


Braces also give you a vertical line.

Eyewear Shape:

Small faces should avoid overstated styles and try thin, lightweight (like rimless) metal frames.


Make sure it is knee length, again for a vertical line.


Short hair works best. Long hair hides the neck and shoulders and can make a man look smaller.

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