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Dress & Fashion For The Tall Body Type

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fashion for tal body types

Suit Style:

Two-button, single-breasted suits. Double-breasted suits can look great if you button the middle (waist) button. Look for suits in “Tall” size styles, they will have a longer jacket length and a long rise in the trousers.

If you opt for a three-button single-breasted suit style, don’t button the top button.  You’ll look better with only the middle button fastened.

Shoulders should be squared, slightly padded and the fit at the waist should be loose or straight. Flapped pockets will add a horizontal line to the jacket. The length can be slightly longer than just covering your rear.

Patterns and Colors:

Plaids (like Glennurguhart) or patterns in medium to large size you can wear well, but avoid stripes.

You can contrast your slacks and sports jackets since you’re looking for horizontal lines. Try bold patterns in your sweaters or casual shirts.


You are lucky in you can successfully wear medium to heavy weight fabrics. Even bulky fabrics like tweeds look goodon you.

Shirts and Ties:
A wide spread collar and wide knot like the Windsor or half-Windsor work well as do button down and club (rounded) collars, but avoid long point collars. With a long neck tab or pin-collars work well.

Bright colors and bold patterns for shirt and tie combination provide a flattering frame for your face.  Try horizontal stripes on ties and shirts, and shirt patterns such as Tattersall, checks, plaid, etc.


Make sure you have a long rise pant. It will fit and look much better. Cuffed trousers with a full break-high water pants look even worse on tall guys. You can have your tailor make your cuffs a little wider than the usual one-inch; try 1.5″.

Substantial shoes. No skimpy moccasin styles, look for lace-ups or loafers that give you a strong foundation.

Belts are good (horizontal line again) and you can contrast belt and suit or trouser colors.

Eyewear Shape:

If you have an oblong face choose slender frames and look for styles with the temples placed near the middle or low on the frames. A lower bridge in a color will help with a large nose.


Well tailored double breasted or any loose fitting coat. Ragland sleeves are good too.

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