What To Wear When On Television

There is a knock at your office door, and in crashes the 60 Minutes newsteam and full camera crew.  Never mind if you’re guilty – is what you’re wearinggoing to look good on TV???

If you think it may be a little far fetched to be concerned about how you look on TV,  just ponder how many times you appear daily on TV – all those security cameras!!!

The following tips will help you look your best for television.

Humans evaluate others on a subliminal/prehistoric basis.  First impressions are an emotional response that we may not have any logical control over.  We can learn how to make positive steps to influence those responses.

For your television appearance, if you think what you will say will be more important than how you look, rethink!  Over half of communication isnon-verbal.  It’s not what you say, but how you say it.  Remember radio listeners thought that Nixon had won the Presidential debate with Kennedy.  TV  viewers however had given more credibility to what they saw than what they heard.

Here are some winning tips for you to achieve authority and credibility on TV:

  • Stripes (suits & shirts)often create jumpy patterns on TV
  • Solid NAVY color is best fora suit.
  • White shirts, in the past,caused a bright spot on TV screens, but now technicians can adjust for it, however blue is a better choice.
  • Avoid jewelry (watches,rings) that can reflect flashes of light into the camera.
  • A burgundy tie works well –no small patterns please.  Your tie should be properly tied with a dimple under the knot.
  • Actually all solid colors are ideal (suit, shirt, and tie)

If you appear on TV many times and credibility isn’t your number one priority then you can work on style like coach Pat Riley did with his olive suits and geometric ties.

Don’t forget the “trick” from the movie Broadcast News! : When you start to sit down smooth the back of your jacket under your butt and sit on it.  This will ensure that the jacket collar doesn’t ride up over your shirt.

And good luck with the  60 Minutes appearance!!

— Andy Gilchrist