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I was introduced this way when quoted for an article: “But according to fashion writer and historian Andy Gilchrist …”  — Andy

The historian Andy Gilchrist – I rather like the sound of that.

I believe that a case may very easily be made that “Professor” Gilchrist has done more than any other man to facilitate a continuity of traditional 20th century menswear in this new millennium, having preserved a dwindling and isolated species of man by providing a platform upon which we gained a reassuringly global community.

— England

When participating in these threads I often think how fascinating it is that technology can get us ‘talking’ to people all around the world about a subject as basic as our clothing! I marvel when I see some of the more unusual or exotic locations, such as in the Pacific or Indian Oceans where members post from, for instance – ‘bosthist’ in Pitcairn Island, or JLPWCXIII in Christmas Island, or 80FJ40 in the Wallis and Futuna Islands, and I realize that without this one common link it would’nt have happened!

Thanks Andy, I’m really enjoying it. :)


Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my email. I really appreciate it.

I am really impressed with its depth and scope! I have already learned more than I have in dozens of hours searching online.

Thanks for putting together your book and the forum. I can see how indispensable they are.

Your forum has been an inspiration, with a vast wealth of knowledge, for that I thank you.

— K. L.

You are the most knowledgeable men’s fashion expert I have noticed.

Thank you for your guidance.  Be well.

— D. J. B.

May your continue and increase in your Ask Andy endevour!

Take Care, and Enjoy!

— Phillip (California)

I’ve been reading a lot on AAAC, and because the pool of knowledge here runs so deep, I thought that I would join up, and try to become a better dressed man.

—   F. M., Michigan


Andy, thank you for helping me learn how to dress like a gentleman through your website!

— Michael

Thank you for your advice. Yes, I’m extremely disappointed with the tailor, but then we tried your ideas and they did help enough to make the coat wearable. It’s great to know that there is someone of whom I can freely ask professional advice. Thanks again.

— D. K.

Thank you for your website! It is hard for me to relate how much I appreciate the wealth of information found on the site itself and in the forums. Also, as a physician, I appreciate the drive to provide information that is as free of commercial bias as possible. I don’t normally join forums, preferring to lurk, but yours is special.

— Dr. D. S. Minnesota, USA

I’m enjoying the read immensely. I look forward to reading and studying. Your Website and Forums are providing a great service. I have learned a lot and feel so much more supported. A big thank you for your efforts and patience.

Sincerely Yours, W.B.

Andy’s been a valuable resource and mentor to me on subjects of men’s clothing and general style for years. His book and website are excellent tools for men who struggle with the differences between style and fashion.

Bottom Line – Andy Gilchrist is the sharp-dressed uncle you never had!

— Kevin

Andy – I can’t tell you how much enjoyment and learning I’ve derived from being a member of AAAC.

Thanks for the work you do and wishes for continued success.

I work as a private household butler for a wonderful family here in the UK. I thought I would send you a brief thank you as your website has been most helpful on more than one occasion. Keep up the good work!

I’m a true fan of your site. As one would expect from you and your members, the site exudes real class. It has impressed me to no end.

There is no doubt that when you dress well people notice. It demonstrates that you care about yourself and those you come in contact with and that you pay attention to the small details. It would follow that you would then pay the same attention to detail in your daily affairs.

Congratulations on a job well done!

— M. B. – New Jersey.

Your site is fabulous. Full of fascinating information, lists and opinion. It fulfills a real need.

— A. D., London

THANK YOU for getting back with me so fast!  I took a shot when I contacted you about the shoes for my wife, although you are the expert on men’s fashion, you took time to help me out.  The information you sent was very helpful. I was able to find the ones that I was asking about.
What a fantastic and interesting service you offer!!

Thanks Again — V. S.

Andy Gilchrist is one of my most influential mentors and pretty much responsible for my appearance today as well as my appreciation of good clothes. I recommend taking a look at his website and ordering his book “The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothing”… a great investment!

— Kevin

The site is a great resource for me. Love the trad forum and visit pretty much every day. Great work.

— A. K., New York City

Thank you so much for your wonderful efforts with your website, it is and will always seemingly be, my first port of call for research and keeping abreast of developments in the sartorial world.

— C. F., London

Thank you Andy!

Your forums have been invaluable to me and my quest to take my style to the next level. I just brought my first high end suit and couldn’t have made an educated decision without the AskAndy forums.

– L.A.

I appreciate the fact that it was from your vast knowledge of men’s style, your imagination and your creativity that Ask Andy About Clothes became a reality.  For a bit more than a decade I have enjoyed my membership and participation with the site.

— Chuck

The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes

Dear Andy,

You asked that I let you know my impressions of the Encyclopedia of Men’s clothes.

Here go’s: I think it is a terrific resource for questions that arise, it seems, more often than not. It also makes good, entertaining reading for me. Good work!

— Ron

Hi Andy,

Fabulous. The encyclopedia is great! Perfect for people like me that want to dress nicely but are a tad stale in our selections. I’ve already seen a few heads turn my way as I’ve walked by. I’m impressed and apparently impressing them enough to look twice. Funny feeling. Never experienced that before.

— G.B.  Bethesda, MD

Dear Andy,

I told my daughter about the Enc. and she was delighted to find a Christmas present for me. I will not read it until after Christmas, but she loaded it to the computer for me. You were right. It is better than it would be in hardcover. Memphis, TN
— Andy (yes, another Andy)