THIN Body Type

What To Wear & How To Wear It For Those With Thin Body Types

Oh, to be in the shape you’re in!
Suit Style:

Either single breasted two-button or double breasted suits work fine.


Try softly padded shoulders, wider lapels (such as peak lapels), and double vents. Your suit should fit easily, almost loosely. Patch and flap pockets will help unless you are both short and thin.


Any bulky or hefty weave (tweeds, for example, or flannels) will add to your size.

Pattern and Color:

For the thin body type, patterns will give you some width. Avoid vertical stripes. Contrasting sports jacket and slacks create a horizontal line, which works if you’re tall and thin, but if you’re short and thin less color contrast above and below the belt will work.

Lighter, warm colors have the illusion of bringing you closer to your observers and tends to bulk you up. We’re not advocating orange suits for you, but in sportswear you might want to add some color in your sweater and shirt wardrobe.

Shirts and Ties:

A spread collar tends to broaden the face and a wide knot will help to accentuate the horizontal line. Avoid long point collars. If you have a long neck try a tab or pin collar. Wide ties and bold patterns and color are fine. Horizontal stripe shirts and ties. Avoid vertical stripes.

Sport shirts should fit (like all your clothes).  Garments that are too big emphasize your thinness.


Cuff width depends upon if you are Thin and Tall or Thin and Short. If you’re tall, cuffs with 1 3/4″ work well, just a little more than the usual 1 1/2″ cuff. If you’re Thin and Short try 1 1/4″ cuffs.


Don’t choose a delicate shoe; something wide with a heavy sole completes the thin man’s look.


Vests and V-neck sweaters add bulk. Belts help cut the vertical line.

Eyewear Shape:

Horizontal lines and also full rims around the lenses will shorten your face. Try glasses with mid or low temples.


You can wear your hair a little longer on the sides. Make certain your barber leaves hair on the nape of your neck. You don’t want that giraffe look! Within reason you can lower your sideburns a little too.


Raglan sleeves and double breasted styles are good if you are thin and tall.