Everything You Need to Know about T.M.Lewin

The first T.M.Lewin was opened by Thomas Mayes Lewin in London in 1898. Over 120 later, they are a global brand that has stayed true to their roots – offering classic suiting, ready-to-wear shirts, and work-appropriate styles an affordable price point.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about T.M.Lewin’s styling, where to find them, and what’s worth your money.


T.M.Lewin built their reputation on reasonably priced, ready-to-wear button up shirts. All of their shirts are made to be worn often, meaning they are easy to care for and wear. Need to look put together for work and want to cut way back on your dry cleaning bill? T.M.Lewin is here to make your life simple.


Lewin offers Regular, Slim, Fitted, and Super-fitted shirts. The Slim is recommended for average builds, Regular should work for those wanting a little more room.

T.M.Lewin Shirt

But, if you prefer a tapered, close-fitting garment, the Fitted option is good. The Super-fitted model should only be worn by those who are very thin.


T.M.Lewin shirts come in a range of fabrics including their popular Oxford, Poplin, and Twill weaves.


Single cuff is always a good choice. But, if you fancy the elegant double-cuff without the fuss, all non-iron T.M.Lewin shirts come with a hidden button for cufflinks. A versatile touch for the modern man!


You aren’t going to find any wild patterns or shades at T.M.Lewin, but you are guaranteed beautiful classics. Look to their stripe, gingham, or geometric patterns for added texture in your outfit.


The most popular and affordable shirts will run you $65.00. But, better deals are found buying in bulk; four classic styles can be had for $199.

Shirt care: It could not be easier to care for these quality shirts as styles come in both non-iron and easy to iron options. 


T.M.Lewin makes two styles of ties. Their ‘classic’ widths range between 8 and 8.5cm, and their contemporary ‘skinny’ range between 6 and 7cm.

Base pricing is around $48, while the more premium selection is around $70. As with shirting, however, value can be had in bulk. “Three for the price of two” deals are easy to find.

T.M. Lewin Ties

With dozens of colors and patterns in their collections, such as classic herringbone, florals, pin spot, or knitted, you are sure to find something to go with any look. Textures include silk, cotton, linen blend and wool. 

If you are more of a bow-tie guy, though, you can also find some fun patterns and textures alongside your standard black silk. While pre-tied are also available for an even easier look, we’d recommend sticking with the delightfully off-kilter self-tied models.


In the suiting department, T.M.Lewin has you covered from a day at the office to a black-tie event.

Their most popular items are two-piece suits. They come in Regular, Slim, and Skinny fit, allowing men of all body types to find an off-the-rack option which still looks great.

T.M.Lewin Suiting

To further customize your fit, T.M.Lewin offers Regular, Short, and Tall sizes. If you’re curious as to which jacket length category you fall into, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide that compares different jacket lengths.

Chest (52″) and waist (46″) are larger than many of today’s “fashion” brands, so a wider range of gentlemen can wear T.M.Lewin suiting. It’s worth noting all trousers come with a standard inseam of 36.” But, these are easily hemmed for just a few dollars.

You can nab a two-piece suit at T.M.Lewin for less than $400, but it punches way above its weight in price-to-quality ratio. With proper care, you are likely get years of wear out of these workhorse suits.

What is the Infinity Suit by TM Lewin?

If your office dress code is on the more formal side, you may consider the T.M.Lewin Infinity Suit collection.  The Infinity Suit is the perfect blend of function and style, promising more durability and crease-resistance. On top of that, they are affordable. This performance wear suit will run you between $500 and $600- a fraction of louder, lesser-quality ‘designer’ suits.

The Infinity Suit uses a Super 110s Italian wool. This offers both stretch and a luxurious, slick feel in the hand. If you ride your bike to work or travel often, these suits, which come in a range of colors and styles, are going to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable.

Reviews of the Infinity Suit emphasize the mobility you feel while wearing and how easy the website’s size guide and range make it to get just the right size.

How does T.M.Lewin compare to similar brands?

T.M.Lewin vs Charles Tyrwhitt

According to many members from our Ask Andy Community, much of the comparison between these two brands will depend on your own body type. The standard Slim fit at T.M.Lewin is more a true Slim than Charles Tyrwhitt, so it may be a better fit if you prefer a more tapered look.

Unlike the glued Tyrwhitt models, T.M.Lewin shirting features a sewn collar. We believe Lewin has the superior construction method.

In terms of fabric, however, some feel the Charles Tyrwhitt material has a superior feel when compared to the baseline Lewin options.

For additional information about how T.M.Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt compare, check out this discussion from some of our members.

 T.M.Lewin vs Paul Frederick

For dress shirts these two brands are going to cost you about the same. Both run frequent deals and sales. They both offer non-iron shirts and quality is high on both based on various reports provided by some of our community members.

Paul Frederick may offer a more contemporary look, with contrasting pops of color in the inside of the neckband, cuffs and the button side of the placket. If you prefer a more classic look, though, T.M.Lewin is the place.

T.M.Lewin vs Department Store Suits

When it comes to T.M.Lewin suiting, let’s look at how they stack up against those you may find at a department store. Yyou may be surprised. 

For the value, the quality is going to be better than many at the same, or even higher, price. T.M.Lewin offers a great entry level suit that is going to be durable as well.

Lewin’s wide range of fit options and ease of returns for online shoppers means you should feel confident giving their suits a try. Remember, with a little bit of tailoring you also may be able to turn this bargain suit into a real stunner. 

Where can I shop for T.M.Lewin?

Currently T.M.Lewin is sold online and ships worldwide. You are going to find great deals and sales when shopping with them directly. For customers in the UK, standard shipping is currently €4.95 and  is free for any order over 100 euros. International shipping varies, though or for shoppers who spend over €200, shipping is also free!

For those in the United States, standard shipping is $10 and  or is also free if spending at least $100.

Another great place to shop for T.M.Lewin at a value is discount retailer Nordstrom Rack, which regularly stocks a selection of their shirts.

How can I get a discount on T.M. Lewin?

Overall, T.M.Lewin is very affordable for the level of quality. When shopping on the T.M.Lewin website you are going to want to check out the following deals to get the most style for your buck:

  • Three for the price of two ties and accessories
  • Four “Non-Iron” shirts for $239
  • Four “Easy To Iron” for $199
  • Two pairs of chinos for $140
  • Two sweaters for $180

What is the return policy at T.M. Lewin?

T.M.Lewin has a generous return policy so you can feel confident in making an online purchase. Returns are currently being accepted for 90 days from purchase. According to their website they require items to be in original packaging and with tags on. Returns are free for those in the US and UK.

Items you choose to have altered at the time of purchase are not eligible for returns so make sure you really know your sizes if you choose to go that route.

Wrapping Up

T.M.Lewin is an excellent option for those looking for quality shirting at affordable prices. They offer a range of classic styles, fine fabrics, and versatile pieces for those looking to up their style game. We’d certainly recommend a look, and hope this article gave you some insight in the company’s offers.

If you’d like more information on the brand, feel free to chime in on our T.M.Lewin community discussions!

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!