Todd Shelton Review

Founded in 2002, Todd Shelton is an American fashion brand headquartered ten miles West of Manhattan, in East Rutherford, NJ.

They have developed some revolutionary marketing innovations.

Andy Interviews Todd Shelton

Andy sits down with Todd, to learn about how they are innovating manufacturing on-demand.

Design Focus

Todd Shelton is a primary clothing brand – a convenient source for core wardrobe pieces in consistent style, quality and fits.

Classic garments for long-term wear that form the foundation for personal style.

Their skilled designers monitor trends and to keep styles up to date – building trust through consistently high quality products.

All products are manufactured in-house in the company’s NJ headquarters (Made in the USA).

Todd Shelton does not wholesale and is not sold in stores, and all products are sold direct-to-customer through the brand’s e-commerce store.

Why do they take this marketing approach?

Todd Shelton is dedicated to long-term customer relationships and personal customer service.


What’s one of the most important factor in a garment?

The fit, of course.

The brand’s in-house factory provides the flexibility to offer industry-leading size and fit options like no other online company.

Their full-scale New Jersey sewing factory creates clothing with fit options that solve the most common fit problems.

Products accommodate long and short inseams, sleeve length and overall length.

All pants come in three seat and thigh fits and lower leg fit options.

They also offer in-between sizing including S/M, M/L, L/XL, and XL/XXL.

Todd Shelton fit finding programs allow customers to try sizing at home before making a final garment.

For shirts, the Fit Kit is free with any shirt purchase.

With the Fit Kit, you receive two trial shirts in two sizes to determine the correct fit.

Customers can request fit finding programs in the NOTES field of any order.

Their customer service team personally follows-up after every purchase to ensure the garment fits well.

This follow-up provides the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments.

Anti-Inventory Is Sustainability’s Future

Todd Shelton quietly practices a sincere, sustainable and socially responsible business model.

Anti-Inventory asks business leaders to get hands-on with how much clothing their company makes,  or orders,  in an effort to reduce wasteful manufacturing.

Ultimately, this creates a culture within their company to respect the environmental impact of over-manufacturing and the financial benefits of fewer clearance racks.

In my interview with Todd, we talked about a recent newspaper report that most of the big clothing companies actually burned the goods from last season that they could not sell.

Burned!!  How awful is that for the environment!

The brand’s anti-inventory business model reacts quickly to customer demand, eliminating waste associated with over-production.

Labor & Environment

All Todd Shelton seamstresses are employed directly in the New Jersey headquarters.

The garment tailoring is not a mass production line, but employees are trained in every aspect of the process.

This gives them a broader base of knowledge and involvement which helps create a much better work environment.

Country of Origin Matters

All fabrics are purchased only from textile mills in countries with similar labor and environmental standards as the USA.

Todd Shelton strictly avoids the unnecessary use of animal products.

The fashion industry keeps prices unnecessarily low for the consumer by manufacturing in countries where labor & environmental regulations are loosely enforced.

They do this even when this practice has negative consequences for worker safety and environmental protection.

Todd Shelton only purchases fabrics from countries with similar human rights, as well as labor & environmental regulation enforcement as the USA.

Location & Appointments

If you live locally or are travelling to the NYC area, schedule an appointment to get fitted and make purchases at the East Rutherford, NJ showroom.

You can schedule an appointment online, by phone (844) 626-6355 or by email.

For more information on scheduling, please visit the help page on the company’s website.

For directions to their facility, please click here.

General Inquiries:
[email protected]

Public Relations:
[email protected]

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