Twillory Shirts

Twillory is a startup company going online to offer directly to the customer high quality shirts without excessive markup. Most shirts are only $79

However, they are actually building on top of their company’s heritage which started in 1892. Their history in manufacturing began in Austria at the turn of the century with Emanuel Goldschmidt.

The business was transplanted by Alfredo Goldschmidt to Argentina mid-century and finally to New York in 1980. Now Ricardo Goldschmidt, Twillory’s president, carries on his family heritage in textile design and apparel manufacturing.

Twillory still crafts and produces millions of garments yearly for clients worldwide. This extensive firsthand experience has made them all too aware of the uncontested and unfair retail markup structure. They are positioned to offer an authentic alternative and work directly with the customer

I got two Twillory shirts:

Sky Gingham, and their flagship shirt, the White Sea Island. Both $79.00

Twillory Shirt - Blue Gingham

Twillory Shirt - White Sea Island Twillory Shirt Back - White Sea Island

Wonderful feel to their fabrics. They offer traditional and slim cut styles with spread collars in both French and barrel cuffs.

Their selection is slightly limited now, but they promise to expand our product line from the spread collar to other styles including a made-to-measure program as soon as possible. But I think you’ll find something just right for you from their current selections.

They have just finished designing their next run of shirts which will include non-iron, but it won’t be available online for a while.

A navigational note, when you get to the shirt selection pages make sure you scroll down the page since there is a 6 – 8 gap at the top and I missed the shirts the first couple of times!!

Twillory has some lofty goals to produce shirts to the highest standard and provide maximum quality control so that they can enhance their customers’ experience!
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