V-neck Sweater w/tie and Slacks vs a Suit and Tie

Curious if wearing a v-neck sweater looks as classy as wearing a suit and tie? Read on.

Hey Andy,

My fellow peers and I have been having a discussion regarding v-neck sweaters, w/tie and slacks vs a suit and tie.

I’m of the opinion that one can look just as official in a v-neck and tie vs a suite w/tie.

We work in the IT field and often have to meet with C-level folks.

I’ve shared my opinion that a v-neck sweater and slacks with the appropriate shoes are just as formal as a suit…they whole-heartedly disagree.


Dressiness by Category

That’s a dressy look, however it ranks lower than a suit and tie, and lower than a sport jacket and tie.

Though, the sweater elevates the look over just a shirt and dress trousers.