What Color Shirt & Jacket Would Match Sage Colored Trousers


I  bought sage coloured trousers what shirt and jacket would match.

Andy’s Answer

In my Style Tips section read the Color Coordination, and the Coordination (pattern, etc.) articles.

These Coordination articles which will help put into practice how to coordinate colors and patterns.

Much will depend on the shade, tone and tint of the colors you coordinate, but your eye will tell you!

One of the articles has this helpful chart:




Complementary Triad Analogous Neutral
WHITE (neutral) All colors (Same for all colors) White, black, gray, tan
BLACK (neutral) All colors
GRAY (neutral) Darker or lighter gray, red, blue, yellow and green
TAN (neutral) Blue, purple, burgundy, cranberry, turquoise, brown, orange, green,
BROWN Blue, green, orange, yellow,
NAVY Orange, gold, rust Yellow, red, brown, tan Blue, green, purple
BURGUNDY/RED Green Blue, yellow Purple, orange
YELLOW Purple Red, blue Orange, green
PURPLE Yellow Orange, green Blue, red
RUST/ORANGE Blue Green, purple Yellow, red, brown
GREEN/OLIVE Red Purple, orange Blue, yellow

I would treat your sage trousers as “green” so you can see the colors that work well with green.  Then choose the colors that are acceptable for your specific event.

A jacket could be gray, tan, blue and for shirt color, best for dressy events would be white and light blue.  Shirts for very casual could have red, violet, orange and yellow shades!

Good luck