What Color Shirt & Jacket Would Match Green Trousers?

Curious as what color shirt and jacket to wear with sage green trousers? We’ve got your answer here!

This question originally comes comes from a reader email:

I  bought sage coloured trousers. What color shirt and jacket would match?

We’ll attempt to concisely answer that question and also leave you with some outfit inspiration.

What, Exactly, is Green?

Good question. So, before diving into what to wear with it, let’s consider what color green actually is.

Green is a secondary color created by mixing the two primary colors of blue and yellow in equal proportion.

Green, like all colors with perhaps the exception of black, comes in many different hues. How light or dark of a shade that is depends on the concentration of either yellow or blue. Light greens are created by more yellow tinting. Conversely, darker tones are created by a preponderance of blue shade.

We have a number of discussions related to matching different variations of green in our online community. Here’s one discussion about how to match forest green pants with a shirt & jacket.

Sage is an interesting tone of green because it’s a light green with grayish, silvery undertones.

In order to help you (and the person who originally asked the question) to the maximum extent, let’s expand our definition. Instead, let’s ask “what to wear with Green trousers?”

So, what to wear with Green Trousers?

The best way to start, is to first understand what colors are complementary to green.

We have several articles related to color coordination here on our site, but we’ve taken the liberty to pull the relevant information related to coordinating with green, and included it below.

Here’s the information on how to match the green core color with its different accent colors.

Core colorGreen, olive
TriadPurple, orange
AnalogousBlue, yellow
NeutralWhite, black, grey, tan

Your sage trousers can be treated at as “green” so you can see the colors pairing well a broader range. 

The Color Wheel

For outfit pairing ideas, you’ll want to refer to the color wheel and seek out items complementary to, or part of a triad including, green.

Green and Red are complementary colors

The colors of Green and Red are complementary in that they form a strong contrast.

Green, violet, and orange form a triad

Green, Violet, and orange form a triad because they are equidistant on the color wheel.

For a more detailed explanation about matching colors, be sure to check out this color coordination article. It shows you visually how best coordinate both color and pattern.

We also have another article that has a detailed chart covering how to match core colors with accent colors.

Outfit Pairings

So, what should you wear?


For a jacket, we’d suggest a base of brown, tan, grey, or blue. Brown, tan, and grey are fairly neutral colors, meaning they tend to play with well others. Blue is a primary color and one half of green, so that also works very well.


For shirt pairings, consider as well a base of a neutral like white or ivory. But, light to medium blue will also work well here.

If you don’t plan to wear a tie, getting a light blue shirt like the one from goTIELESS could be a good option — it has built in placket stiffeners too.

You could, in more casual settings, introduce the softer triad colors of violet and perhaps a pale orange in your shirt.

Red is possible to pull off. However, we’d suggest going for softer tones here as well to avoid looking like a Christmas tree!

Accents and Accessories

Accents and accessories are where you can have fun with your outfit. Consider the following options:

  • A Grey jacket (Neutral), blue shirt (primary), and a pocket square in green, blue, and burgundy, and oxblood shoes.
  • A medium tan linen jacket, white OCBD shirt, a pocket square in violet and green, and dark brown suede shoes.
  • A Navy jacket (primary), blue and white checked shirt, burgundy tie, and a pocket square of blue, burgundy, and a hint of orange.

In the photo below, you can actually see that last outfit in practice!

Green Trousers and Red Tie
Green and Red- they CAN work together!

The above outfit works because we’ve taken a primary color and paired it with green, but we’ve also added in a complementary accent from the burgundy tie.

And, the pocket square has flavors of blue, red, and yellow-orange, which fit in with our triad principle.

Summing Up

To sum up, you’ve made a great selection in green trousers in any shade. Remember to pair them with either a complementary color or work within the triad on the color wheel.

Following these tips will make you a hit-Good Luck!