What 4 Women Think of Men’s Body Hair

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[Note: Article is a transcription of the video]

John:  What’s up, fellas? My name is John, and I’m with the website and the YouTube channel called 40 Over Fashion.

So, this is where I give some style advice and provide some lifestyle hacks, and product reviews, kind of geared towards the older gentleman.

But today, I’m doing this video in collaboration with askandyaboutclothes.com, and I wanted to do things just a little bit different.

So today, I’m going to interview four different women, and I’m going to ask them about their preferences regarding grooming and body hair on men.

This is going to be a good one. Let me roll the intro and we’ll get right into it.


John:  All right, guys. So, we are here with –?

Michaela:  Michaela.

Caitlyn:   I am Caitlyn.

Christine:  Christine

Alex:  Alex.

John:  Alex, thank you very much for joining us. So, the questions I’m going to ask you are related to men’s body hair, and like what you feel about body hair on different parts of a guy.

So let’s start with facial hair. So where are you at with mustache, beard, that kind of look?

Alex:  I love facial hair. My husband has a full-on beard, mustache thing going on. I just — And my biggest pet peeve is when you don’t groom it properly.

So, I feel like if you’re going to have a beard, once you grow it out to the length that you want, or even beforehand, like as you’re growing it out, go to a barber and have them shape it for you, and shave the lines and everything, so that once it’s growing out, you can maintain it, and it looks clean.

I cannot stand when a guy’s beard looks like pubes. It’s disgusting.

John:  What’s your opinion on facial hair?

Michaela:  Facial hair, it depends on the beard. If it’s like a nice, groomed looking beard, then, I like it but if it’s like scraggly, like really curly, weird-looking beard —

John:  Okay.

Michaela:  — then, not so much.

John:  Do you like facial hair or just like facial hair?

Christine:  I like it on certain guys.

John:  Okay.

Michaela:  Because I feel like every guy’s different. When a guy does have facial hair, I feel like it makes them look like they’re more intelligent.

John:  Oh, really?

Christine:  If they have a little like mohair type of look.

John:  Oh, okay.


John:  So, the big, long beards that are sort of trending right now, do you like the big long beard look, or more Titan George Michael five o’clock shadow?

Christine:  I cannot — Again, it’s like with the type of person. The long one, I feel, is a little bit too much.

Caitlyn:  You know, there’s some facial hair but it’s not like out of control type of thing, like it’s well-groomed.

It’s like it’s kind of like clean and all that stuff, but it’s more of like a rugged look but not like crazy mountain man. That’s not —

John:  Okay, so the long —

Caitlyn:  — something like that.

John:  — trendy beard cedar?

Caitlyn:  Nope, that’s not it.

John:  And that’s not for you?

Caitlyn:  Like, if you could tie it and like make it a ponytail, that’s a no.

John:  It’s too long.

John:  Ah, okay.

Caitlyn:  Yes, way too long, yes.

John:  Okay. Because I know that’s a popular trend right now. Lots of guys are growing their beards, me included.

I don’t know how much further I’m going to go with it because this is as long as my beard has ever been. It’s this length that you’ve got more like the George Michael five o’clock shadow.

Caitlyn:  More like the five o’clock shadow is like my preference.

John:  Okay.

Caitlyn:  But I always relate it to like Chris Pine usually has like a little bit type of thing.

John:  Gotcha.

Caitlyn:  But that’s not too long, yours isn’t too long. It’s that if it got any longer, it would just be a little bit —

John:  Too much.

Michaela:  — more in the way.

Michaela:  Like some people are doing the beard gel or like some kind of grooming, making it look clean.

John:  Then, that’s okay?

Michaela:  Yeah.

John:  So, beard —

Michaela:  Not wild.

John:  So, where are you at with like the trendy long beards that are happening right now?

Alex:  That’s not something that I like but —

John:  Okay.

Alex:  — I’m also — the opinion — like for my husband, if he wants that, I’m not going to tell him to not have something that he wants.

John:  Okay.

Alex:  So, “You do you but just keep it clean.”

John:  Are you okay with the guy who has chest hair?

Christine:  For me, I’ve never liked it.

John:  Okay.

Christine:  That’s just me personally.

John:  Do you prefer –?

Christine:  Yeah, clean.

John:  Okay.

Christine:  Yeah.

John:  Back hair? Deal breaker?

Christine:  Yeah.

John:  Body hair? Arm hair? Leg hair?

Michaela:  I love all of that.

John:  Back hair? Chest hair?

Michaela:  I love it.

John:  Really? So, the furrier the better?

Michaela:  Yeah. Me, personally, I’m like that.

John:  You’re not –?

Michaela:  I don’t love back hair, I love chest hair, but I’m okay with back hair.

John:  Okay. So, in your opinion, the guy doesn’t need to like –?

Michaela:  I love chest hair [laughs].

John:  Okay.

Michaela:  I don’t know why [laughs].

John:  So, a guy wouldn’t need to like trim it if it was just crazy coming out and over the shirt?

Michaela:  If it was like this long, then, yeah. But like this long, it’s probably good.

John:  Okay.

Caitlyn:  Personally, I’m more of like it’s a natural type of thing, like you naturally should have hair. So like if you didn’t want to have a leg hair, I would think that’d be very odd.

If you have like way too much hair kind of thing and like you were insecure about it, then I would say maybe do something about it.

John:  Yeah.

Caitlyn:  But it’s not like, “Oh, I think you have too much like that needs to be gone.” It’s more of your preference in my opinion.

John:  Yeah.

Caitlyn:  Yeah.

John:  So, you’re cool with the guy with a lot of back hair and —

Caitlyn:  Yeah.

John:  — chest hair and —

Caitlyn:  Yeah.

John:  — coming out from inside the shirt.

Caitlyn:  [Laughs]

John:  This type of look. That’s okay or –?

Caitlyn:  So, maybe trim that a little bit.

John:  Okay.

Caitlyn:  Not like going crazy but like don’t be cleanly shaven. It doesn’t have to be that way.

John:  Okay. So there is a level for it.

Caitlyn:  Yeah.

John:  So, are you okay with a guy that does shave?

Caitlyn:  Yeah.

John:  Okay. So, you can kind of go either way?

Caitlyn:  I can go either way. It’s more so on your preference.

John:  Okay. Where are you at chest hair?

Alex:  I don’t mind chest hair. I don’t mind arm, leg —

John:  Like chest hair creeping out of the shirt, like it’s out of control.

Alex:  I mean you don’t have to have all the buttons down and everything flowing out.

John:  [Laughs]

Alex:  I think that’s a little much but I don’t mind it, honestly.

John:  So, you’re okay with chest hair provided that it’s maintained.

Alex:  Yeah.

John:  And it’s just not allowed to go crazy?

Alex:  Yeah. I don’t know why that is. It’s just kind of like my preference.

John:  Hair down there, like the genitalia region.

Michaela:  Yes. [Laughs]

John:  [Laughs]

Michaela:  So, I do like it. I prefer it to — shaved just because my skin is really sensitive. So if I’m rubbing against — she’s like freshly shaved or like not too long ago shaved —

John:  Prickly.

Michaela:  Right, yes.

John:  Okay.

Michaela:  I hate that. I hate it, hate it, hate it. So I would rather have the hair a little bit longer down there just because it’s a softer type of hair usually.

John:  Okay.

Michaela:  So —

John:  So, full bush is cool with you?

Alex:  Yeah, I’m totally cool with that.

John:  Where are you at with hair down there?

Alex:  Why not?

John:  What’s your preference first?

Alex:  You can totally groom that, too. I feel like a well-groomed man, and if you have hair but you groom it, and you keep it clean, that’s totally fine.

Don’t be afraid of you know shaving it off a little or trimming it. Things that are out of control and dirty are no go for me.

John:  So, full bush is not –? That’s kind of a deal-breaker for you?

Alex:  Yeah.

John:  Okay. Clean shaven, razor, all gone?

Alex:  Yeah.

John:  That’s your preference?

Alex:  Yeah.

John:  Like how far would you say to trim?

Christine:  Probably all the way.

John:  Okay, so clean-shaven?

Christine:  Yeah.

John:  Full bush, 1974 deal-breaker?

Christine:  Yeah.

John:  Okay. What about, again, like a grooming tool, trimming that back so it’s really short?

Christine:  That would help too. That would help too.

John:  So you like a managed area?

Christine:  Yeah, more clean, cleaned up, I guess.

Caitlyn:  Yeah.

John:  Pubic region.

Caitlyn:  Yeah.

John:  Where are you at with that? What do you prefer?

Caitlyn:  Preference? Because I wouldn’t want it to seem like it’s with a little boy, if that makes sense, you know?

John:  Okay. So, clean shaven –?

Caitlyn:  That’s a no.

John:  That’s a deal breaker?

Caitlyn:  No, that’d be weird.

John:  Okay.

Caitlyn:  That’s a no. But I would still say the same thing as like probably like trimmed and like taken care of kind of thing, not like wild and crazy.

John:  So not full bush —

Caitlyn:  No.

John:  1974?

Caitlyn:  No.

John:  Okay.

Michaela:  I feel like the biggest thing that guys should understand is that it’s a different preference for different ladies. Some people love it, some people hate it, but you have to feel comfortable asking whoever you’re going to be with, what they prefer.

Like I was on a date a couple of weeks ago and the guy actually asked me. And he totally didn’t have to do this like don’t feel like you have to do this on first date, but he asked me.

He’s like, “Hey, how do you feel about beard?” And for him, I didn’t really like the style of beard that he had.

And he totally like trimmed it just for me, and I was like, “That’s super cool!”  But I think just asking who you’re going to be with, girls love that.

John:  Interesting.

Michaela:  Yeah.

John:  Very good point.

Michaela:  Mm-hmm.

John:  You can always ask their opinion and see what they have to say.

Michaela:  Yes, I think that’s really helpful.

John:  All right, guys, so there you have it from four different women.

Not that that’s any type of global consensus or anything like that, but I think what it boils down to and the point that was brought up was, have the conversation, right?

It’s like it should be okay to talk to your partner or significant other about this type of stuff, like maybe if you’ve never had the conversation, and maybe you’re sort of wondering, maybe they would want something else out, I mean just have the conversation.

Like it’s not that big of a deal.

Guys, I hope you liked the video, and we’ll see you in the next one. Take care.

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